About me

Hello. My name is Branislav. I'm junior front-end-developer and graphic designer.I have 3 years commercial experience providing front-end development, producing high quality responsive websites and exceptional user experience.I can provide excellent customer service in a busy enviroment. I am very well organized, efficient and able to work under presure in a fast developing enviroment.Professionaly presented with good interpesonal skills.Passionate in the digital media, an avid and invetive designer of web and print design. My biggest passion is web development.

Clients often approach me when they need a developer who can provide:

How can I help?

A front-end developer's role is to combine design and business logic to achieve a user-facing product. To do this successfully, a wide skill set is necessary to produce a quality user experience that leads to meeting business goals. With my experience I can:


In my experience as a freelancer I have also obtained an eye for detail and appreciation for design, knowledge of integrating with and developing server-side, as well as knowing how to efficiently project manage and work with clients and colleagues successfully.

I now specialise in front-end development but my knowledge of multiple fields allows me to work on a project with the full scope in mind; simplifying the process of our working together and producing a more cohesive experience for your users.

Front-end Developer

I create responsive websites that allow the user to experience your website in the best and most appropriate way suited to the device they are using. By working using progressive enhancement, your website is delivered with a responsive layout that can best make use of the space available on the smallest to largest devices. Cross browser compatibility is ensured by using feature detection so older browsers still in use today provide a solid experience, whilst modern browsers can go the next step and enhance a user’s time spent on your site.

Writing semantic markup that is documented and easy to read means it can be maintained and scaled in the future, and allows co-workers to quickly work with it.

Rather than create websites on a page-by-page basis, I instead consider each element of your screen-based designs as separate components that can exist elsewhere on a website; outside of the context of your design compositions. With these components I produce a style guide that acts as a document for a reusable and maintainable code base. All involved in a project can rely on a style guide to understand a project’s language and produce a more consistent user experience.

I can quickly and efficiently join your team using continuous-integration with methods and tools such as Git and test/behaviour driven development.


As a Front-end developer, I believe it is important to understand both design and development to achieve a successful user-facing product. I can assist with producing clean and functional design where required. Having somebody on your team with knowledge of both disciplines can improve team communication. I can work with Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

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