My story of becoming a developer

06.03.2020   Branislav   Tech News

Hi. My name is Branislav. In this article i want to tell you about my story in a bit short way. After this blog post you will be able to see yourself in my place. So sit back, relax and enjoy this post.


I graduated from college in year 2018. Then I moved to Ireland to fullfill my goals. Since I came here I was working in retail industry first as shop assistant an then after one and half year I was promoted to temporary Assistant Manager. I really liked the job but it was never the thing that I wanted to do. 


When the days went going I setup my goal. I want to became a profesional Full stack developer or at least FE developer. 


Beside my full time job I was able to get up at 6 o'clock get a book or get a new course and study,study and study. Till today I was basicly doing the same thing. Book, courses and of course thanks to google and stackoverflow were my best friends and they still are. Through my whole college life I was trying to find some clients/customers just to make some real world experience. It was going well I found some potencial clients and I reached them straight away. Some of them get back to me and we started to work on projects. Few of them :

  1. Interior designer
  2. Honey bee producer
  3. BIO dishes company
  4. Sports and leisure centre
  5. Carpenter

At that time I was very proud of myself. This hard work and everyday struggling made me to who I'm today. But that was the easy part of my goal. The real goal was the get a job as I mentioned before. Of course I made some projects for studying purposes wich are nice and you can see them here github. And I said to myself now it's time to look for the job. 


I started to search and I had some calls from recruiters had a few interviews including Amazon but I was unable to succeed. Always asking myself where Iam doing the mistake what should I get to know more to land the job ? Things went very bad on my mind. But I never let go my dream. 


Maybe you're thinking what he wants to say ?


So I want to say no matter what is in your way, keep in mind that you and only you are the builder of you happiness. If you set up some goal no matter if you want to be a lawyer, next CTO of Google or whatever you want to be in your life PLEASE stick to it. Even if you are down or someone else is telling you that you're never gonna reach your goal. Don't mind them. Close yourself in the shell, be strong, learn , invest in yourself, spend a lot of time with valuable people in your area(family,friends,mentor,partner). This people will boost you up and help you to reach your GOAL because that's the matter of life!


Few days ago recruiter contacted me. Telling me that she has a very good offer for me in one of the Dublin startups. We had a meeting today. Thanks to her she gave me an another reason to fight for my skills and show up what I can do. I hope this time the luck will smile on me. Fingers cross I have a interview in Monday and I feel my time has come. 


What to keep in mind ? 


Don't mind them. Close yourself in the shell, be strong, learn , invest in yourself, spend a lot of time with valuable people.


I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me and also to everyone who was reading this article. BIG thanks!!! 

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