The Best of BP&O — Graphic Identities of 2018

19.12.2018   Karol Fric   Print Graphic

2018 was a great year for graphic identity design. Highlights included Collins’ bold and evocative work for technology festival PopTech, the cheerful riso-printed approach taken by Spy for Hackney F

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9 design ideas for the future of digital dating

05.05.2019   Branislav   Print Graphic

Whether you are a gen-Z, millennial or a recently separated 40-something, chances are you have heard of or used Tinder enough to understand how brutal dating can be. How many times have you heard c

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A comprehensive (and honest) list of UX clichés

06.05.2019   Admin   Web Design

“You are not your user” A reminder that you are not designing the product for people like yourself. Often used as a way to encourage more user research in a project. “If Henry Ford had asked

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Inside GitHub’s fight to protect devs from EU’s disastrous Copyright Reform

06.05.2019   Admin   Web Development

On Tuesday, March 26, the final plenary vote on the incredibly controversial Copyright Reform will take place in the European Parliament. It’ll be the decisive vote on whether it’ll become EU law

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Facebook is so insanely big, it had to design a brand new DHCP serve

09.06.2019   Admin   Web Development

You can tell a lot about the direction of a company by looking at its tech stack. A great example of this comes from Facebook, which today announced the creation of a brand new open-source DHCP server

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